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How to Pick Your Signature Scent

Your signature scent

Finding your signature scent is just about as crucial as finding the perfect pair of jeans or that purse that goes with every outfit. But with so many scents and options, it can be a bit overwhelming to pick out a fragrance that suits you. First things first—decide which types of scents you like best. For example, do you like musk, floral, or citric scents? Once you have an idea, you are ready to start testing.

It's important to be patient during the testing process of finding your signature scent. You should really only test four perfumes at a time, because anything beyond that will confuse your nose. Therefore it's important you choose wisely when sampling! Department stores are happy to supply samples, but sales people may try to push a scent that doesn't work for you. When you have decided on your samples, dab one on each inner wrist and outer forearm. Allow at least a half hour to see how the scents develop when mixed with your pheromones. This will allow all the scent notes to develop, and only then will you get a true idea of how the scent works for you.

The amount you apply depends on the concentration. Perfumes only require a drop or two, while eau de parfum works best with three, and eau de toilette can be applied quite liberally. However, even the best-smelling perfume takes a turn for the sour when you overdo it! Avoid spraying your hair, as the alcohol in the formula can dry out your tresses. Finally, we suggest spraying a handkerchief and keeping it in your purse—so you'll get an extra whiff of the scent you decide on whenever you open your bag.